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Case Study 21 – MBT with Composting in boxes


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Name: MBT Pretreatment Unit of MSW & Sewage Sludge in Kefallinia Prefecture case study 2

MSW Pretreatment Unit (Biodrying) in Kefalonia, Greece –construction phase.

Owner: Municipality of Kefalonia
Operator: Mesogeios S.A.
Technology: MBT, Turtle Q-Ring Entsorga
Designed Capacity: 10,000 tpa
Cost: 2,000,000 €
Location: Kefalonia
Served Area: Kefalonia Island & Ithaki Island
Commercial Start Up: 2010
Contact Details
Address: 1) Municipality of Kefalonia Valianou Square, 28 100, Argostoli, Kefalonia
2) MESOGEIOS S.A. Aeolou 67, 10559, Athens
Phone Number: 1) +30 26710 22572
2) +30 2103837748
Fax: 1) +30 26710 28692
Email: 1)
Website: 2)


Short Description

The construction of the “MBT Pretreatment Unit of MSW & Sewage Sludge” in Kefallinia Prefecture started on March 2008 and completed on October 2009. The Unit operates since February 2010 and covers an area of 8,000 m2.

The Unit includes a Pretreatment Unit and a Biostabilisation Unit. The Pretreatment Unit involves sieving/separation and size reduction processes. The biostabilisation process takes place in four (4) closed boxes (bays) which reduce the mass of the pretreated MSW at a rate of 36%. The boxes are special constructions bearing a roof equipped with a semi-permeable sheet that prohibits odours from escaping the box. The material from the boxes is then placed on land for 30 days to mature (open windrows).

In 2010 the unit received 9,650 tons of MSW from the islands of Kefalonia and Ithaki (1st year of operation, not full). After pretreatment, an amount of 4,856 tons of remaining waste were sent to the boxes.

The stabilized material has been used as a coating material at the adjacent landfill.


Key Facts

Treatment Capacity: 9,650 tpa (Data of the year 2010)
Input Material 1 (MBT unit): MSW 9,650 tpa
Input Material 2 (Biodrying unit): Pretreated Waste 4,856 tpa
Output Products: Compost 3,243 tpa
Residues 4,794 tpa


Extra Information

Treatment Capacity:
Dimensions(LxWxH m) 16x10x7
Retention time (days) 21-27
Capacity (m3) 405
Total area occupied (m2) 160
No of boxes 4
Air requirements (m3/min) 74.25
Water used for wetting of material (m3/day) 2.7
The aeration takes place via perforated floor
Technical Characteristics of Open Windrows–Maturation Stage
Dimensions of windrow (L x WxH, m) 5.5x2.5x1.5
Retention time (days) 30
Total area occupied (m2) 250