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Case Study 20 – Biodrying


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Name: MSW Pretreatment Unit-Heraklio case study 20

MSW Pretreatment Unit (Biodrying) in Heraklio, Crete, Greece

case study 20

MSW Pretreatment Unit (Biodrying) in Heraklio, Crete, Greece

Owner: United Association of. Waste Management of Crete (E.S.D.A.K.)
Operator: Mesogeios S.A.
Technology: MBT, Biodrying Biocubi - ECODECO
Designed Capacity: 75,000 tpa
Cost: 14 million € (budget)
Location: Heraklio, Crete, Greece
Served Area: Heraklio County
Commercial Start Up: 2010
Contact Details
Address: ESDAK Arxiepiskopou Makariou
22 Heraklio,Crete,
Phone Number: +30 2810 361610
Fax: -
Email: -
Website: -


Short Description

The Biodrying Unit of Heraklion in Greece produces bio-dried odourless material through the following stages:

  • Waste reception
  • Waste shredding (to 0.2-0.3 m average size)
  • Biodrying (14 days treatment) under controlled ventilation with material moving within the biodrying bay (through an automatic grabbing cranes)
  • Extraction of biodried material towards refinement section where different material streams are separated to the aim of selecting recyclable materials (paper, plastics, ferrous metals, non –ferrous metals)
  • Baling of the produced biodried material

The whole process takes place in a closed building that operates under vacuum. The biodrying process is realized through the suction of air from the waste mass and lasts 14 days. Through the process a 28% of waste mass reduction is achieved.

The unit is equipped with a biofilter to retain the odors of the process.

Finally, the output of the biodrying process is a bio stabilized final material, which is sent to the landfill, and a stream of recovered metals.

The biodried material may be easily transformed to SRF by adding a post-mechanical treatment stage.


Key Facts

Treatment Capacity: 75,000 tpa
Input Material: MSW 75,000 tpa
Output Products: Baled Biodried material 50,775 tpa
Ferrous metals 3,000 tpa
Moisture Loss 19,725 tpa
Degradation of Volatile Organics 1,500 tpa


Extra Information

case study 20

Schematic representation of the MSW Pretreatment Unit in Heraklio, Greece

Characteristics of Biodrying Bay
Dimensions(LxWxH m) 90x20x6.65
(The whole building is 13 meters high)
Retention time (days) 14
Capacity 11,000
Total area occupied (m2) 1,800
The aeration takes place via perforated floor