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Case Study 14 – Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT)


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Name: Facility of Mechanical Recycling and Composting Waste (EMAK)- Ano Liosia case study 14

EMAK Ano Liosia, Attica, Greece MSW –MBT Unit

case study 14

Aerobic Biocylinder Unit

case study 14

Waste Reception Area

Owner: Association of Municipalities and Communes of the Prefecture of Attica (ESDKNA)
Operator: ENVITEC SA
Technology: MBT- Composting enriched organic
Designed Capacity: 400,000 tpa
Cost: 64,400,000 €
Location: Ano Liosia, Attica, Greece
Served Area: Part of Attica
Commercial Start Up: 2004
Contact Details
Address: 1) ESDNKA
Andersen 6 & Moraiti 90, 115 25, Athens, Greece
Agiou Ioanou 12-14. Chalandri, 15 233, Athens, Greece
Phone Number: 1) +30 213 2148313
2) +30 210 6855793
Fax: 1) +30 210 6777238
2) +30 210 6855804
Email: 1)
Website: 1)


Short Description

The Facility of Mechanical Recycling and Composting Waste (EMAK)of Ano Liosia in Attica, is the biggest MBT plant in Europe and is developed at a total area of 178,000 m2. The Unit consists of 14 buildings which covers an area of 47,840 m2 and treats about one third of the daily waste produced in Attica.

According to recent data the facility treats 800 t/day of MSW and 50 t/day of green waste (brunches and pruning) instead of 130 t/day that have been estimated in the initial design. Currently, no sewage sludge is treated in the Unit.

The main Components-Units of the MBT facility are the followings:

  • Reception
  • Mechanical Shorting
  • Composting Unit
  • Refinery-maturation
  • Environmental Pollution Control Unit

The Composting Unit consists of a Rapid Composting Bio-cylinder (ENVITEC SA technology) and composting channels in a closed hall.


Key Facts

Treatment Capacity: (ESDKNA Data, nominal)
Input Material: MSW 375,000 tpa
Brunces & Pruning 40,000 tpa
Sewage Sludge 85,000 tpa
Output Products: Ferrous metals 10,000 tpa
Aluminum 1,500 tpa
Compost 100,000 tpa
RDF 110,000 tpa
Residues 100,000 tpa


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