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Case Study 4 - Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)


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Name: Household Waste Shorting Plant of Karditsa case study 4

Household Waste Shorting Plant of Karditsa, Greece.

case study 4

Household Waste Shorting Plant of Karditsa, Greece.

Owner: Hellenic Recovery & Recycling Corporation
Operator: Waste Solutions
Technology: MRF
Designed Capacity: n/a
Cost: 2.37 million € (total investment cost)
Location: Karditsa, Greece
Served Area: (below)
Commercial Start Up: 2005
Contact Details
Address: 1) Hellenic Recovery & Recycling Corporation
Chimaras st. Maroussi
15125, Athens, Greece

2) Waste Solutions
Ag.Polikarpou 57, Athens Greece
Phone Number: 1) +30 210 8010963
2) +30 210 6658010
Fax: -
Email: 1)


Short Description

The Household Waste Shorting Plant of Karditsa is a MRF plant, which receives recyclables from the recycling scheme that has been developed in the municipalities of the Counties of Karditsa and Trikala as well as in one (1) municipality of Magnesia County and three (3) municipalities in Larisa County. The scheme, which serves 228,801 residents, includes 3,889 blue bins for recyclable materials and 9 vehicles for the collection.

The plant occupies an area of 2,000 m2 and is placed 2.2 km north of the City of Karditsa and at a distance of 0.8 km from the nearest municipality.

The plant which has been in operation since 2005 and includes the following main parts:

  • One Trommel
  • Two parallel lines with conveyor belts for handpicking
  • One electromagnet

In 2010 the plant operated 2,200 hours and recovered 7,963 tons of recyclable materials. About 30% of the recovered recyclables are reclaimed at local recycling companies whereas the rest are exported.


Key Facts

Treatment Capacity: 12,000 tpa (Data of the year 2010)
Input Material: Mixed Packaging Waste & printing paper from households (blue bins) 12,000 tpa
Packaging paper/Cardboard 30.4%
Printed paper 20.6%
Rest paper (tetrapack) 0.5%
Packaging plastic 10.3%
Rest plastics 0%
Ferrous metals 1.8%
Aluminum 0.3%
Other non ferrous metals 0%
Glass 0.9%
Wood 0%
Other recyclables 1.3%
Residues 33.8%
Output Products: Packaging 5,330 tpa
Printing Paper 2,474 tpa
Rest no-packaging 160 tpa
Cardboard 46%
Printed paper 31%
Rest paper (tetrapack) 1%
PET 3.5
HDPE 1.8%
PVC 0%
LDPE 7.3%
Rest plastics 2.9%
Ferrous metals 2.5%
Aluminum 0.5%
Other no ferrous metals 0%
White glass 0%
Coloured glass 1.5%
Wood 0%
Other recyclables 2%
Residues to final disposal 4,000 tpa


Extra Information

Plant Process Data
Number of Trommels 1
Total recovery capacity of trommels 7,500 kg/h
Number of magnets 1
Total recovery capacity of magnets 220 kg/h
Number of handpickers 14
Total recovery capacity of handpickers n/a
Total storage area for recyclables 400 m2